Incoming and Outgoing
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Incoming Tourism worldwide
Globincom collaborates with the local incoming institutions, usually the tourist office, and with suppliers such as hotels, restaurants and others to set up a selection of travel packages for various duration and a bundle of topics to cover the different seasons of the year. Events are as well evenly spread over 360 days to attract the interest of all kind of incoming customers and businesses.
meetings, incentives, convention, events
GlobMICE delivers travel packages and organizes events in collaboration with all kind of for profit and non-profit organisation, for their employees or members and customers. We cover a bundle of topics for business related travel such as gathering for a jubilee, sales promotion, congress, seminar, product launch and more.
Great Destinations, Programs and Events
GlobTravel is the travel website for end customers in the industry. Travellers of any kind can find their travel package in destinations all over the world and select a variety of topics, program and events. The collection of packages offers a journey for all season year round for almost any occasion, for every age bracket and duration at a reasonable price.
GlobTravel Deluxe
Trendy Cities, Programs and Events
The Deluxe brand for travellers offers a selection of famous destinations and events around the globe. All travel packages include a superior level of service and comfort for the customer. Carefully selected accommodation combined with an attractive program and concierge service deliver the convenience and comfort you expect. The worlds most prestigious culture and sports events are on offer as a deluxe version of a journey a high standard of travel and entertainment for exceptional customers.
GlobTravel Explorer
Juvenescent Cities and Programs
The travel packages for youngster and for all ready to discover their 2nd youth this is the ultimate choice to experience the worlds most famous destinations with a limited level of comfort and including all the requested services for a great journey provided for a very interesting price. The selected packages offer the level of cultural transfer, experience and entertainment the young generation likes to experience including the fun factor everybody desires.
GlobTravel What's on
International Event Calendar
The Event Calendar is a diary for the tourism industry and their customers where any registered organisation can add an international event in English relevant for a broad audience. In addition to the free event registration we provide the opportunity to add one or multiple packages related and including the event with a two day program or for a longer journey to experience the destination.

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